Food and Nutrition Specialists



  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Assisted Living
  • Boarding Homes
  • Children Nutrition Programs
  • Health Clubs & Retirement Living


We are a group of Registered and Certified Dietitians who provide a variety of nutrition related services.  Our staff has a commitment to quality and practical implementation of nutrition into the lives of the clients we serve. Quality to us means professional knowledge, up-to-date applications while working with the client to meet their needs.  We approach nutrition from the point of view that it is one part of a larger system and must be worked with from that standpoint.  We enjoy working with people and helping them to reach their goals.   Our services include and are not limited to: nutritional assessment, kitchen sanitation and safety, menu and recipe development, nutrient analysis of menus and diets, education and activities related to food and nutrition.  No matter who our client is, we want healthy nutrition to be a part of their life.